FAQs About Truck Rental & Disposal Services

What services do you provide?

LATX Operations is a full-service provider offering a complete product line of equipment for fluids management and disposal, conventional and specialty equipment rental (pickup and delivery) and we provide solutions for emissions control.

What equipment can you provide?

LATX’s Operations fleet consists of Mack Trucks and Galyean 130 bbl. vacuum trailers. We also operate a fleet of 525 bbl. cylindrical mud rolling tanks as well as traditional oilfield storage tanks for fluids management (both conventional and vapor tight), specialty tanks for acid storage, fabricated containment berms, and liquid scrubbing vessels for control of H2S and VOCs.

What is your disposal capability and what fluids will you take?

LATX’s Operations fleet consists Mack Trucks and Galyean 130 bbl. vacuum trailers. We also operate a fleet 525 bbl. cylindrical mud rolling tanks, as well as traditional oilfield storage tanks for fluids management (both conventional and vapor tight), and rental equipment for specialty applications. Triple S Disposal (a wholly owned subsidiary of LATX Operations), operates two commercial disposal facilities. One facility is located in Rusk County, approximately 10 minutes from Henderson; while the newest facility is located in Harrison County between Marshall and Waskom. Both facilities are permitted to dispose of up to 12,000 bbls./day each. Each facility is capable of disposing of freshwater, flowback, production saltwater, and pit water as well as any other exploration and production fluid streams.

How long have you been in business?

LATX Operations was incorporated in October of 2002.

What areas do you service?

Currently LATX Operations services the ArkLaTex, Oklahoma, South Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Alabama.

What are your hours of operation?

LATX operates at an everyday, year-round operation, with a 24 hour manned dispatch service.

Does LATX Operations utilize owner operated drivers?

No. All employees of LATX Operations are full time, and all equipment is owned and operated by LATX Operations.

What amount of insurance coverage do you carry?

LATX Operations maintains the standard industry liability coverage, as well as a $4 million umbrella. We have the capability to add additional umbrella coverage as necessary.

What specialized training do your drivers receive?

All LATX Operations drivers are OSHA trained. This training includes confined space, H2S awareness and lock/out/tag out. All drivers also maintain an X endorsement on their CDL and are DOT HAZMAT trained.

Can you better describe your mud rolling tanks?

Each cylindrical tank is constructed of 5/16th inch carbon steel, and is internally coated with a two part thick film epoxy phenolic material. Each tank has an exterior 8 inch and 6 inch manifold. The 6 inch manifold is connected to an internal gel line with 5 mud rolling nozzles.

What is your pricing?

LATX’s pricing is job/project specific. Services such as flowback and production saltwater hauling can be quoted by the hour plus disposal, or on an all-inclusive basis. Fluid storage equipment (tanks), can be quoted on a daily rental basis.

Do you monitor tank performance daily while the tanks are being utilized on location?

Yes, an Account Manager or Supervisor makes routine stops at all locations where our equipment is being utilized in order to monitor performance, as well as performing QMS audits.

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